Our extensive expertise

We are happy to share our years of experience in strategy development, corporate and business development, product and IT management, and operational excellence to support companies of all sizes to realign their business, develop new growth strategies, and optimize their business processes. We will work out a solution that best suits you. From the development of a decision paper or a presentation, the training and coaching of your employees, to the support of your internal team.

Management Consulting

Icon Strategy Advisory & Development

Strategy Advisory & Development

Strategy development is a critical function allowing a business to assess issues and opportunities, set future direction, discuss priorities, and ensure strategic alignment throughout the organization. We support our clients in tackling those challenges.

Icon Corporate & Business Development

Corporate & Business Development

Developing new business models or segments is one of the core tasks of a company. The most critical levers for success are comprehensive industry and organizational knowledge to create new opportunities. We help our clients stay ahead of the game.

Icon Product & IT Management

Product & IT Management

Innovations and permanently optimizing the product and technology portfolio are integral parts of the company's strategic planning. We support our clients in this process to develop new ideas, enhance products, select the appropriate technology, and audit their IT.

Icon Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the ability of a company to continuously optimize its processes and systems across the entire value chain to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. We help our clients improve their business performance and profitability.

In-depth Expertise

Icon Domain Name System

Domain Name System

Domains are a complex topic. The field is vast, from contractual and regulatory conditions to technical implementation and product-side integration to managing more extensive portfolios and DNS abuse measures. With many years of experience in the field of domain names, we help our clients to keep the overview, to be ahead of the game, and support them throughout the entire cycle.

Icon Internet Standards & Policies

Internet Standards & Policies

Writing new and analyzing existing Internet standards and policies is complex, and weighing many aspects and examining feasibility is crucial. As the author of an RFC and several Internet-Drafts, we already have hands-on experience and support our clients in formulating and evaluating standards and policies.

Icon Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the first step in identifying the potential need for change in the structure and operation of organizations, and it also helps to support the necessary change. With an outside perspective, we help our clients identify and define solutions to shape positive change.

Icon Research


Data is crucial when gaining insights into a specific topic, such as current challenges, potentials, or new trends. We support our clients in achieving insights, making forecasts, and running their businesses in a way that adds significant value.

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