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Tobias Sattler

CIO united-domains, Techie, Domain Name Geek, Advisor, Author, Conference Speaker, Event Organiser, Travel Nerd

About Me

I am united-domains' Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this capacity, I am responsible for coordinating our IT and engineering as well as other working teams, to manage the external partner relations and to develop our IT strategy. I am also representing united-domains at international conferences as a speaker and a panelist.

Other than that, I am participating in ICANN working groups and exercise my voting right in the Registrar Stakeholder Group and its current Vice Chair/CTO. Moreover, I am a Member of the Content Advisory Board of NamesCon and WorldHostingDays and a Member of the eco Names & Numbers Steering Committee. Furthermore, I am also the organizer of a biannual German domain name event, called Domain-Stammtisch München as well as the Founder and Editor in Chief of an event calendar that lists upcoming domain, hosting and internet industry meetings and conferences, called MyNext.Events. I was also a volunteer at Mozilla to support the Public Suffix List and the Universal Acceptance for two years.

In 2008, I joined united-domains and before being promoted to CIO, I headed the newly created domain name service department as Head of Domain Services. My team and I reviewed a lot of contracts, policies and migrated all of our domain names, while developing our new backend system. Prior to this I worked as the Assistant to the Board to do vendor screening and project management, after I successfully led united-domains' reseller subsidiary as Head of Domain Reselling.

I have studied computer science at Wilhelm Büchner University, but decided to leave without graduating.

Publications, Papers and Presentations

These are articles that I wrote about Domain Names, Hosting, and other IT stuff.

Domain Name Basics is a series of presentations meant to be an overview and training material for newcomers in the domain name industry. These materials are not intended to be exhaustive.

Domain Name Basics - Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

On Slideshare at Jul, 25th 2017

Domain Name Basics - Aftermarket and Premium Domains

Aftermarket and Premium Domains

On Slideshare at Feb, 6th 2017

Domain Name Basics - Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

On Slideshare at Aug, 22nd 2016

Domain Name Basics - DNS, DNSSEC and DANE


On Slideshare at Aug, 7th 2016

Domain Name Basics - Universal Acceptance

Universal Acceptance

On Slideshare at Apr, 22nd 2016

Domain Name Basics - WHOIS


On Slideshare at Apr, 20th 2016

Domain Name Basics - Domains


On Slideshare at Mar, 5th 2016

Domain Name Basics - Registries and Registrars

Registries and Registrars

On Slideshare at Mar, 3rd 2016

Domain Name Basics - DNS, Domains and ICANN

DNS, Domains and ICANN

On Slideshare at Mar, 3rd 2016

Press Review

An overview of articles, press releases and media in which I was mentioned. Nothing special, just a collection.

04.09.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch im September 2017

03.07.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch findet im September 2017 eine Woche früher statt

02.06.2017 - Public Comment - ICANN's Draft FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and Five-Year Operating Plan Update

01.06.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch findet im September 2017 statt

29.05.2017 - Experten-Gremium für Domains gegründet

16.05.2017 - eco Verband: Names & Numbers Steering Committee nimmt die Arbeit auf

13.03.2017 - 3. Domain-Stammtisch München am 06. Mai 2017

11.01.2017 - Get to Know the WorldHostingDays Content Advisory Board

07.01.2017 - WorldHostingDays creates a Content Advisory Board for WHD.global and NamesCon

05.12.2016 - 3. Domain-Stammtisch München am 06. Mai 2017

14.11.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch München trifft sich am 19. November 2016

04.11.2016 - Einblicke in die Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG)

22.08.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch München trifft sich wieder im November 2016

09.08.2016 - CENTR - Public ccTLD Registrar Portal Goes Live!

25.07.2016 - Münchner Domain-Stammtisch trifft sich am Samstag im Biergarten Hirschgarten

27.06.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch im Hirschgarten am 30. Juli 2016

25.04.2016 - Public Comment - Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Operational Profile for gTLD Registries and Registrars

15.03.2016 - Afternic Adds United-Domains AG To Its Reseller Network

28.01.2016 - NamesCon - Auf dem Weg zum wichtigsten Domain-Industrie-Kongress

15.01.2016 - An Outstanding Agenda and Wonderful Water Night Made Day 3 a Special One at NamesCon 2016

07.01.2016 - Featured Attendee Profile: Tobias Sattler, united-domains AG

26.11.2015 - E-Mail und Webspace aus Deutschland

29.10.2015 - Webhosting-Kunden vertrauen auf Serverstandort Deutschland

05.06.2015 - Die neuen Endungen scheitern noch an der Universal Acceptance

28.05.2015 - 2nd LAC DNS FORUM & LACTLD Marketing Workshop & General Assembly

28.10.2014 - Summary of the Registration Operations Association Workshop

26.06.2014 - Highlights ccNSO Members Meeting London 22-26 June 2014

17.06.2014 - WHOIS ist tot - Kommt in Kürze der RDS?

18.04.2014 - Public Comment - Additional Whois Information Policy

14.02.2014 - Über 90 Prozent Zuteilungsquote bei neuen Top-Level-Domains

21.06.2013 - Public Comment - Proposed Final 2013 RAA


Tobias Sattler, Hauptstr. 5, 85586 Poing, mail [at] tobiassattler.com