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Tobias Sattler

Tech Leader, Advisor, Author, Domain Name Geek, Event Organizer, Travel Nerd

About Me

My name is Tobias, and I was born in 1982 in the lovely city of Munich, Germany.

Since 2008 I have been working for united-domains AG in multiple senior positions, and since 2018 I have been the board member responsible for technology, product development, strategic partnerships, and industry engagement.

The essential part of my role as CTO is to empower and to support my team to build great new products. Along with that it includes to further improve and to transform our technology stack, to streamline our business processes, to develop our IT and product strategy and roadmaps, to engage with our 200+ worldwide partners and suppliers, to represent our interests, to contribute to industry committees to develop best practices, and to represent united-domains at conferences worldwide.

Through the years I managed to establish a broad network and to build up substantial expertise, especially on product and business development. I like to deal with all kind of things, and I am not shy away from getting my own hands dirty.

Apart from that, I was and am an active member of the community:

Furthermore, I am an author of some IETF Internet-Drafts and a few articles on CircleID, Medium and Linkedin Pulse.

I am a supporting member of Amnesty International, the German Cancer Aid, Caritas, the German Redcross, WWF, and Unicef.

In my spare time, my pleasures include spending time with my family, reading, going for walks, playing games or doing further studies.

Publications, Papers, Projects and Presentations

These are recent drafts and documents that I worked on at IETF.

These are recent articles that I wrote about IT, Hosting, Domain Names, and other stuff.

CPH TechOps Retrospective 2018
CPH TechOps Retrospective 2018

On CircleID at Dec, 29th 2018

Too Many Emails? Time to fight it
Too Many Emails? Time to fight it

On Medium at Jul, 3rd 2018

New TLD Launch: Lessons Learned
New TLD Launch: Lessons Learned

On CircleID at Jan, 5th 2018

Contact Details are not just for Show
Contact Details are not just for Show

On Medium at Dec, 28th 2017

Universal Acceptance and its impact
Universal Acceptance and its impact

On LinkedIn Pulse at Nov, 28th 2017

Domain-Stammtisch München
Der Domain-Stammtisch München

On LinkedIn Pulse at Aug, 1st 2017

Domain Name Basics - An Introduction for Newcomers
Domain Name Basics - An Introduction for Newcomers

On LinkedIn Pulse at Jul, 27th 2017

Domain Name Basics is a series of presentations meant to be an overview and training material for newcomers in the domain name industry. These materials are not intended to be exhaustive.


On Slideshare at April, 5th 2019

Registration Data Access Protocol

On Slideshare at Jul, 10th 2018

DNS Zone Files

On Slideshare at Jun, 28th 2018

Security and Privacy

On Slideshare at Jul, 25th 2017

Aftermarket and Premium Domains

On Slideshare at Feb, 6th 2017

Extensible Provisioning Protocol

On Slideshare at Aug, 22nd 2016


On Slideshare at Aug, 7th 2016

Universal Acceptance

On Slideshare at Apr, 22nd 2016


On Slideshare at Apr, 20th 2016


On Slideshare at Mar, 5th 2016

Registries and Registrars

On Slideshare at Mar, 3rd 2016

DNS, Domains and ICANN

On Slideshare at Mar, 3rd 2016

Press Review

An overview of articles, press releases, and media in which I was mentioned. Nothing special, just a collection.

07.01.2019 - 2019 Predictions – DNW Podcast #218

16.10.2018 - united-domains appoints Tobias Sattler as new board member

16.10.2018 - united-domains ernennt Tobias Sattler zum neuen Vorstandsmitglied

22.08.2018 - Vorschlag zur Standardisierung der Arbeitsabläufe von Domain-Registry und Registrar

06.08.2018 - 1&1 And United Domains Submit Joint RFC Proposal

11.06.2018 - Steht der Domainbranche ein Umbruch durch neue Top-Level-Domains bevor?

07.05.2018 - Registrars propose changes so that domain name transfers can keep working after GDPR

21.03.2018 - RrSG macht Vorschlag für eMail-losen Domain-Transfer – Interview mit Tobias Sattler

19.03.2018 - The challenges of new TLDs with Tobias Sattler – DNW Podcast #177

16.02.2018 - Training für Registrare kommenden Mittwoch in München

24.01.2018 - Big New gTLD Sales Spark Debate But Do They Change the Big Picture? - What Sattler Says

28.11.2017 - Was die Internet-Community aus der Einführung neuer Endungen lernen könnte

04.09.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch im September 2017

03.07.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch findet im September 2017 eine Woche früher statt

02.06.2017 - Public Comment - ICANN's Draft FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and Five-Year Operating Plan Update

01.06.2017 - 4. Domain-Stammtisch findet im September 2017 statt

29.05.2017 - Experten-Gremium für Domains gegründet

16.05.2017 - eco Verband: Names & Numbers Steering Committee nimmt die Arbeit auf

13.03.2017 - 3. Domain-Stammtisch München am 06. Mai 2017

11.01.2017 - Get to Know the WorldHostingDays Content Advisory Board

07.01.2017 - WorldHostingDays creates a Content Advisory Board for WHD.global and NamesCon

05.12.2016 - 3. Domain-Stammtisch München am 06. Mai 2017

14.11.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch München trifft sich am 19. November 2016

04.11.2016 - Einblicke in die Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG)

22.08.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch München trifft sich wieder im November 2016

09.08.2016 - CENTR - Public ccTLD Registrar Portal Goes Live!

25.07.2016 - Münchner Domain-Stammtisch trifft sich am Samstag im Biergarten Hirschgarten

27.06.2016 - Domain-Stammtisch im Hirschgarten am 30. Juli 2016

25.04.2016 - Public Comment - Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Operational Profile for gTLD Registries and Registrars

15.03.2016 - Afternic Adds United-Domains AG To Its Reseller Network

28.01.2016 - NamesCon - Auf dem Weg zum wichtigsten Domain-Industrie-Kongress

15.01.2016 - An Outstanding Agenda and Wonderful Water Night Made Day 3 a Special One at NamesCon 2016

07.01.2016 - Featured Attendee Profile: Tobias Sattler, united-domains AG

26.11.2015 - E-Mail und Webspace aus Deutschland

29.10.2015 - Webhosting-Kunden vertrauen auf Serverstandort Deutschland

05.06.2015 - Die neuen Endungen scheitern noch an der Universal Acceptance

28.05.2015 - 2nd LAC DNS FORUM & LACTLD Marketing Workshop & General Assembly

28.10.2014 - Summary of the Registration Operations Association Workshop

26.06.2014 - Highlights ccNSO Members Meeting London 22-26 June 2014

17.06.2014 - WHOIS ist tot - Kommt in Kürze der RDS?

18.04.2014 - Public Comment - Additional Whois Information Policy

14.02.2014 - Über 90 Prozent Zuteilungsquote bei neuen Top-Level-Domains

21.06.2013 - Public Comment - Proposed Final 2013 RAA


Tobias Sattler, Birnen-Anger 2, 85591 Vaterstetten, mail [at] tobiassattler.com