Management Consulting &
Strategy Advisory

We support companies from all industries in their efforts to develop sustainable solutions for existing and future business, marketing, and technology challenges.

Our areas of expertise are executive advisory, strategy advisory & development, corporate & business development, digital commerce, product & IT management, and operational excellence.

Tobias Sattler

Our approach and in-depth expertise

We understand the challenges and pitfalls of building, managing, and scaling successful companies because we have done it ourselves. Our small, agile, and collaborative team works alongside your leadership team to solve tough challenges, provide business solutions, and promote best practices in business operations.

We are happy to support you in your business endeavors through our years of experience operating businesses, building business units, developing new products, optimizing business processes, and increasing operational efficiency.

Icon Executive Advisory

Executive Advisory

Providing guidance and support for your success and growth

Icon Strategy Advisory & Development

Strategy Advisory & Development

Helping your business grow in using strategic insights and comprehensive data

Icon Corporate & Business Development

Corporate & Business Development

Opening up new business models, segments, or sales channels

Icon Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Designing and implementing best practices for your digital business

Icon Product & IT Management

Product & IT Management

Supporting holistically from product ideas to go-to-market

Icon Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Increasing your business efficiency and

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